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Anna Karenina- Art Doll

One of my new creation’s. “Beautiful as the driven snow, driven by love, is that a crime?” Love is pure, a force of nature, yet sadly her cost was high. Hand drawn directly onto pure silk. Antique laces. Hand sewn. Beautiful hand beaded silk train. Just a few more stitches to add. Please contact meContinue reading “Anna Karenina- Art Doll”

Mary undoer of knots

Art Doll Hand drawn ( freehand) onto Antique linen and embroidered. Her cloak is antique linen hand dyed with indigo. My Dolls are unique and original, being individually hand made. She has a pure silk tie and loop for hanging at the back. Please contact me if you would like to purchase. She is beautifullyContinue reading “Mary undoer of knots”


Flowing free in ink and blues. Hand drawn mermaids with embroidery and poetry. Antique linens runner dyed with indigo and plants.

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hand drawn using ink directly into Antique an linen runner. I have added hand embroidered words at both ends. The runner has been hand dyed using botanical plant dyes.

A unique one off piece.

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